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Ice Futures … new novel

60K words, cover, published in under a month. Such is the way with rural life I expect but it surprised me. The size surprised me, the speed surprised me … and the story surprised me.

Too close to it now so I’m in that amorphous void of potential, the miasma a story might condense from. Not really “might” since there has never not been a place and a time that appeared from the visit.


New Cover …

….. they have shifted the way this site looks, dunno ….. anyway, posting the new cover ….


The Quantum Printmaker ….

An independent unpaid unsolicited (honest, objective and knowledgeable) trade review: “… this is competent, tidy writing by a confident writer … it feels to me like a writer enjoying himself!”


August 49th

…. it’s on Smashwords.

Here’s the cover.

Onto next story.

Final Planet …

…. new story published on Smashwords today in the collection called “Continuum Series – 2012”

I enjoyed writing that one but enjoyed getting it finished and published as well. A marathon in parts. Happy enough though.

Here is the background image for the cover (and of course, had total fun doing the drawing)  ….


Karma ….

……………. In order for there to be any basis in fact for the concept of Karma certain conditions need to be accepted.

Firstly there needs to be a causal link between action and consequence at a later date.

Secondly the definition of Karma needs to be seen as a causal or logical effect rather than a mystical one.

A mistake often made is the confusion of Karma with a similar concept termed fate.

Fate needs to be defined to allow clarity.

There is free will for all things one has options for so long as they also have the means of making those option choices happen.

Then there is fate which concerns those events that confront one that one does not have options or control over.

Karma is often seen as the self fulfilling prophesy of fate. As in the observation of a disaster or tragedy and the recollection of a prior transgression by the subject of the disaster.

These are subjective and have only marginal influence on causality.

The interest of Karma then lies within logical causality. That the transgression determined the tragedy or disaster.

A transgression is manifestly stupid. It therefore follows that a stupid person is quite likely to do more stupid deeds and may invite disaster upon themselves. Karma, tough luck guy!

There are more subtle determinitives as well. A person upsets a group, the group then despises that person, bereft of support the person then falls upon tragedy. The group can smuggly nod to each other and note the hand of Karma.

Some folks hold that there is divine justice, some greater power that rewards the good and punishes the bad. Karma for these people is generally of the latter case … as in “I am powerless but that bstrds Karma will turn around and bite him one day”.

Possible as a causal link if sufficient people hate the bstrd and turn against him … he gets his “come uppence” … but hardly divine.

There are dogma definitions of course, and cult level assumptions. Perhaps it’s all simply Karma.



Today ….

…………. I feel I should write haiku.

It is a perfectly beautiful day.




Writing ….

…… for me, has this quality …. true story, as memory has it although detail may have an added style component, so to speak ………. I saw the phenomenon once and took it to heart.

Where I was, the guy had amassed a lot of demolition material … beams, doors, etc ….. we went around some months after he had stopped collecting all the rubbish. The guy was laughing at us …. last night, he reckoned, the whole barn sorted itself, I know where every stick goes, game on. There was an impossible amount of random material and it had come together … he hadnt known ahead of time when he was buying the stuff … it’s a useful feature of the head I think …. trust it.


Excerpts …..

Why is it that one falls in love ….
….. at the point love is impossible with the other ………”always” is better as “often enough to make me wonder”

Yes, there is that ….
….. but the origins of the patterns I find fascinating …. firstly the attraction to opposites and secondly the cascade of the neuro-chemistry at the point of leaving ….

….. if they are what I think they are then recognition has little to do with things.

All good of course. Idle speculation … some forces are meant to be bigger than us puny mortals.

Here’s my take on it …
…. evolutionary neuro-chemistry, it’s not pie in the sky stuff.

It is advantageous to survival that different mates since their offspring will be stronger, smarter, etc. … spin that around, and the behaviour of being kicked in the back side to go chase that way different partner will have more success and survival and so that trait is a fact.

The second survival kicker is the need to not see a potential mate depart … obviously again, people with the trait to run after the departing partner had more offspring … hence that trait too, is perpetuated.

These are hard wired …. society and its nice ways and manners is very very recent.

And so we have the idea that the heart rules …. this is saying that there is the hard wired needs of our survival heritage that will not take no for an answer …. long may it reign!!!

It’s just that kind of a Saturday morning. As you were. Have a coffee, talk smonsgt yourselves, that sort of thing ….

Yep … I think the closer one is to
being relaxed and letting the truth that is the heart speak, the more fortunate one is.

To try and dictate to the heart … fail.

All I’m saying in this thread is that the heart has some necessary ideas that make a lot of sense and which it reinforces whether we will or not, and rewards us with the massive benefit that love is, in all respects ….. but that heart may not be that conducive to debate.

… my objection lies in the inability
to derive “opposite” ….. in my own experience the neuro-chemical cascade kicks in at “highly unlikely”, where highly unlikely is defined by the individual themselves …. the kicker happens where the person has said to themselves, no way, not going there …. and yet …

Opposites are social states if that … and do not figure.

But the heart is entirely logical ….
….. it rules for the survival of the species. That’s all that love is … except for the so-called “romantics” who read Mills and Boon of course ….

The issues of love triggers
in later stages are entirely explicable and no less wonderful.

Happy guys will finish last
usually because they arent that interested in the race.

Stress brings out the primal behaviour … flree, fight, feed, fcuk …. so where a person is happy, they are abiding by contentment rules … where a person is stressed (nicotine, caffeine, lifestyle, ill health, etc.,) then they wont think, they’ll react … in either of the primal directions.

The fact of these primal directions, and the awareness of stress as a factor, supports the neuro-chemical evolutionary condition exactly. The fact being that social niceties will triumph over the heart in “happy” states where as the “natural” will be unconsciously accepted, without thought of consequence by the stressed, the so called “scoundrels” et al.

Social conventions (and words are social conventions)
… can prevent awareness … in fact they always do unless the stimulus is stronger … like the need to run from a fire, etc.

Social conventions are always “group” identity concerns.

More than that ….
… when love hits, you cant speak, probably have difficulty standing up even … but certainly trying to string a coherent sentence together is not part of anything possible.

There are physiological benefits within this particular event of course … neuron growth has been noted … the male anyway, becomes stronger, smarter, faster, etc., and is besotted. It’s great.

Not as I see it ….
… the neuro chemical event blinds the male to any other female …. this lasts around 12 to 18 months more or less … roughly one and a half times gestation.

It’s just that for me the term “infatuation” is applicable where the other partner is not necessarily within the bond. The love effect I would rather consider is the bond event.

Some say the “limerence” term applies to this event but I call it the cupid event myself. It happens as mischief because it not only defies social niceties but insists that the individual take notice.

I find it best to discard the term …
… it includes hatred for example … while intense feelings may be also called emotions, I dont see any need to. Far better to state which intense feeling is the point of the discussion.

Love is not different for everyone …
… what might be different is the state they call love, or that another considers true of them.

yes there are all kinds of love ….
…. any number … can invent them easy enough …. tangential love …. why not?

For me they must fit one criteria … regardless of adjective, that the person using the term can dispense with the adjective and still hold the statement as true …. it is parental love, would become simply … it is love.

I hold love to be an absolute within language.




New Story …

………….. 10K Words into this one.

Aiming for ontology again but requiring fast moving intensity in theory and events. The Omega Vega is chasing the rumour of a dying crewman into non-existence. Way out past the death and rebirth in the quantum void …. it’s like I’m actually there.