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Month: March, 2012

The weather and the report ….

…. the report and the weather.

It is a load of fun writing within and of the quantum ambiance or, in this case, approach to the universe. It is even more fun to step back from writing and immerse the stasis dynamic more completely. Away from even the contamination of the conventions of word.

Today I’m thinking of taking such a break. Slow and slow. Faster than light.


Disentangled ….

…… clear now.

1. eBooks and Bookstores – there’s room for both.

1.1. It wont be Kindle et al, that kills Books, it will be the Internet with gaming and online communications between groups. TV was the start of it. Cinema added its hit as well.

1.1.1. Books will survive most likely.

2. There was more but it doesn’t really matter right now. Something made something sensible or something. Writing Dark Charts at the moment.

2.1. Dark Charts was getting complicated, but it’s just going to get written now. Much the better idea I think.

3. Gonna write the arse off my PC today. Just gonna.

Writing ….

… apart from sorting this.

Inspiration …

…. can we avoid it?

There is a greater gravity that breaks us. A moment upon a moment and then fail. The house of cards becomes a structure of scaffolding that falls away to show the world.

Choice is no part of the passage of the soul from moment to eternity.

All is beginning …

… all is ending. All is.

The image ‘Difficulty at the Beginning’ is held by the book of images as very propitious. Why is that? How can difficulty be worthy?

It is the fact of a beginning that is useful.

The presence in one’s life, thought or words of the concept of a beginning infers decision. Infers the awareness that something worthwhile is being attempted, is present.

The difficulty means that determination is present. Determination to make the beginning more than merely something that was considered at some point. Something is seen to have merit.

In the book of images going usually leads to obstruction. Going is more often than not counselled against. In the image of the beginning however, going is correct. Undertakings are favourable.

Navigation ….

…. this new career of mine.

The course data to date is quite explicit. I think all the main storm latitudes are known. The rocks and reefs, the main ones, are charted.

From here a course can be drawn. I had come to the thought that it might be impossible. Information that warned of wreckage and disaster. That is no longer the case. The way for the time to flow, is clear again.

Late Summer Studio …

….. windows over the valley are at the second level.

Toetoe grows 3 metres tall. And such flowering heads. I don’t know how it got here. I didn’t plant it. It is perfect.

At 3 metres it is just exactly outside my windows.


Toetoe out of my studio window.

The Compelling Entanglement ….

…. as all entanglements are. Not considering Knots here a la R D Laing, but entanglements. Briar patches that we are unaware of.

Take the online social addiction for example. And then discard it.

Then again, maybe I am talking about Knots. Meme nodes of probability that are not biotic life. They arise within the times, the culture. Where they entangle rather than liberate and are not discarded, they contribute to the downfall of that culture form.

They evolve blindly. Or rather, with no regard at all to their carriers, their host.

Is a free society one that has no such conditioners?

A day today. The city. A wonderful sunny day’s drive down and back. Client happy with the product. Family fine.

Now an evening of late summer. Hot here in the studio and the sun has gone. Quiet in the valley.

Shadows of currents

…. ┬áneutrino, no, more to the soul ….. faster as solid space that is not space and more real.

Currents of mood, not air. The winds of probability intersecting with the receptors. The ancient first known worlds.

Known now. The stars are no more. Mere garbage dumps of a moment. Well beyond the limits of the knowable. Songs.

And awareness of being. Being of the tides of the more emphatic, more enduring tides that are not the poems of the moon’s love.

Still not quite …

…….. Haven’t nailed it yet.

Maybe “where is the creative?” now that corporates have removed the individual from all remaining media? Something like that.

Prometheus is coming along now. The trailer promises yet another vacant recipe based dark toned rehash of a SciFi mish mash of boredom. Nice CG whatever that may mean. I know what I mean by the term, it’s the reason I haven’t seen Avatar yet or rather it’s the reason I won’t bother.

To step into the Corporate warfare that eBooks vs Bookshops is handing authors is only showing ever greater recipe monotony. Fantasy still sucks. I had thought the word could move where graphics could no longer stand. Silly me.

It will do for now though. So best I get back to writing there, rather than here.