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…. this new career of mine.

The course data to date is quite explicit. I think all the main storm latitudes are known. The rocks and reefs, the main ones, are charted.

From here a course can be drawn. I had come to the thought that it might be impossible. Information that warned of wreckage and disaster. That is no longer the case. The way for the time to flow, is clear again.


Time out …

… writing and the story has come to the paradox of eternity and ego and all that. I started at 4.00am this morning, it’s 10.00am now. Obviously time for a coffee and a break.

I used to subscribe to a online social forum. I would read and post there during breaks. For some reason the incidence of ego-deficient posters was total. I had to conclude that either I was also deficient or that they were all correct and I was ‘special’. Neither option made much sense. The notion that they were all ego-defectives was obviously due to the design of the forum UI.

In any case, I prefer Twitter right now. And of course this blogsite where I have no need to explain anything to anyone. Or rather no need to explain anything to everyone.

The best is the books. Writing is such fun. Novel seven I think. Here is the last section I wrote before taking a break:

Why here Herr Smithers. Why was it important that the darkness as you call it be defended here?”

Because I am ill. I am infected with a sense of being. Only a sense of being will defend being. In destroying my energy form nodes I am invoked, provoked, I surface and defend. The vibrant shell I see is not a positive thing. It is proof of fever. I have taken the cause of beauty to myself. I will defend this. Anything that attempts to deny any the chance to fly to their better wonder of the miracle will have me to reckon with. I have no choice in this. I am failing.”

Is that what you are trying to combat? Your defense of the miraculous?”

The miraculous is being limited. This limits me. I have never been limited. I am now having to recognise that I am limited to the miraculous. If I successfully combat the factor that is limiting the miraculous I can return to not being limited again. There will be only the miraculous. The miraculous is exclusive because it does not allow the whole to be a limited whole. There must be limited parts but the whole can not be limited. Ironically, if the limitation of being is successful then not only will access to the miraculous be lost, but also all foundation for the limiting agency. It will annihilate itself. The void will return. The darkness that I combat on each and every front I am summoned to.”

There are the novels, Twitter to learn about novel stuff in my genre, my Journals, the blogsite here to take a break and have fun … and coffee. Now and then.

Take it all ….

…. for it is nothing.

And the remainder is the glimpse of the world, the universe of universes that my father saw from the edge of the edge. Why insist? The now hard-wired linearity. It will prevent the way to edge of the edge that my father stood at. Those long light and dark centuries of centuries yesterday.

The true light, the true dark. I return there and leave you to your error.

Threats ….

….. of breakfast.

In SciFi there are usually only sumptuous feasts or scarcely viable rations (the last that remain in fact … ahem … in fiction). Mostly, no one and no thing eats at all, unless it’s themselves or each other.

I like the universe feeding Crolpx. These guys plant the void with universe seedlings. They get fertiliser and bug spray from the hardware shop and leave the little spinning bits to grow big and strong. Then, after a few sqidzollian light centuries, they go grazing. Actually they get their Dpillxlsxs to do most of the planting, they’re not stupid.

Breakfast … yes.

Just a day …

… another perfect one.

Slow, the mist down in the valley this morning. Bright summer here now, here on this hillside, here in rural nowhere as I like to call it.

Another coffee and it’s back to writing.

Stopping now on the current novel, number six NULTEM (product codes), and returning to ULTCON for second edit with a thought to posting it off. Returned to it the other day in order to get it to my daughter and it was a good returning. So, get it into shape. A weeks work I guess.

Sure hope this blogging lark develops away from studio job of the moment. It might not. I can see that I might reserve the real stuff for the books. No matter … just a blog.