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“When the time comes ….

……… also comes that for which the time has come.”

Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim said that. The man also changed his name to Paracelsus too, just as well.

The man is very worthy of comment but for me, this morning, the stupid delicious nonsense of the saying has clogged up the ambiance of the studio. A saying that defines the term tautology perhaps. Redundant in being so obvious. Goes without saying.

And yet in saying it, one decides. One has decided. So the purpose of the saying has nothing to do with the meaning, only the attitude. Only the decision to act. It need not be said if the decision has taken hold, but its lack of usefulness in that case is again not its value.

Its value is its humour.

It follows the balancing format that is shown in Rochefoucauld’s “Maxims” …. “It is the passions that make men appear stupid, but of the passions, it is love that makes them appear most stupid.”

The point is none of this. The point for me is the moment. The decision and recognition of return. Return to the moment. Discard the external interference in order to be at the point of balance. The point of potential. Of timelessness where it is not the time that has come but rather it is where time has departed from.


New Book …. Between Eternity …..

….. I don’t know about other authors and it is a novelty to me but towards the end of this story, where “happily ever after” is surprisingly dumped onto the pages, I found myself, during the edit … with tears in my eyes ……. I think I should not write endings to my stories perhaps.

……. A field of discarded lithograph stones and Fleischer. There is no mistake, the Printer who shifted from flat bed stone lithography to the metal plates of rotary offset at the turn of the century before last, had discarded the old stones. He had also been illustrating an operating manual for a Sternaufzug. A Star Elevator, a lift to the galaxy.

It made people mindless idiots. It had to be destroyed. Something miraculous had failed and the inventors had killed themselves and it was now Fleischer’s.

A notebook. “The duration was timed at ninety-seven seconds local. Transmit and recall are confirmed. On board clock shows elapsed time as nine hours forty three minutes. This is consistent. The dark board test for the target is confirmed. Refer Astronomy for target details.”

A stranger. “The miraculous is being limited. This limits me. I have never been limited. I am now having to recognise that I am limited to the miraculous. If I successfully combat the factor that is limiting the miraculous I can return to not being limited again. There will be only the miraculous. The miraculous is exclusive because it does not allow the whole to be a limited whole. There must be limited parts but the whole can not be limited.”

…. and Celene’s refuge.

A Novella perhaps at 41.6K words.  Available on Smashwords as usual, all eBook formats.


A Sudden Tour ….

… a couple of thousand k’s in a couple of days. Cheaper to drive than fly. There and home again. Winter thinking about it. Ok, the treasure … name the Artist in this one …….. 


April ….

….. three published. Happy about that.

The notion to attempt to integrate the various disparate but linked conclusions to the decades of puzzlement seems possible. 

Pity that the monopolists are bent on killing off all independent authors, but then the I Ching would chuckle … there are always “the times” and these will be as they have come to be …… 


First year at the new machine ….

Three titles to publish this month and a half dozen more in advanced production.

The trade itself started for me as a completely unknown event, I sat at the keyboard one day intending to draw the next in the Desolation Series and decided to write a thriller instead. That’s all it was.

Then I noted that Amazon eBook sales exceeded hardback sales for them, or something like that. A report in the New York Times. Coincidence, and irrelevant since my interest was now writing.

After that all hell broke loose in the market place with Libraries closing and being dropped from State funding, Bricks and Mortar establishments closing, eBook wars between Amazon, the USA Dept of Justice, and Apple, Kindle sales going through the roof, iPad sales going through the roof. All of that has been almost interesting too, but again, mostly irrelevant my interest is writing.

Now it comes time to see what publishing options are out there.

The first choice seemed to be to get hardbacks into stores. That course depended on too many optimum conditions – finding an agent, the agent finding a publisher, the publisher achieving distribution, the stores selling. I tried it a few times but another issue has been the cost to me to even get into an agent’s slush pile.

So it’s eBooks and now the issue is Amazon’s exclusive Kindle or all the other formats that are available to all. Curious that Apple seems to be not as exclusive in this arena as I understand it to be in other aspects of its product strategies. In any case, I do not follow it that deeply since I need get on with writing.

The conclusion is to live with the USA’s 30% tax and I’m thinking of going with Smashwords. Two covers are done, one more to do. The three books need a week or two more work on them. Then they are on their way and I can get back to writing.

These are the two covers so far:



“Let us go then you and I …..

…… to the Lake Isle of ….. til human voices wake us and we drown.”


We will sail, my lady and I …

… not on any ocean other than the vast water of the universe itself and not in any vessel other than the bodies we are born to … we will sail from all that is not these things and there we will be and there will be no others.


Voidscape Epitaxy … a rewrite of the plot. Nothing like the initial idea. 17K words into it. Keen to get to the end, I want to see how they finally deal to the bad guys!!


That’s a trap …

Listening to excellent advice on writing on Twitter. Messed up my writing for about 20K words! Gonna do it my way 🙂

Fully on this one by Greg van Eekhout  “Hey, is there anything I can do to not be hurt by the DOJ/Amazon/publisher thingie? Cuz, if not, I’m just gonna go ahead and write.”



Learning …

…. refining systems of course but still a long way to go.

Recognising wrong turns in the plot is still not quite as slick as it should be. For example ….

My style of writing is to start at the beginning and just write the story. At any point in the story some dynamic is usually obviously necessary. To select the wrong dynamic then leads to a complete stop to work. It takes me a long time to understand why I have stopped work.

Another issue is the need to “bang’em out now and tart’em up later” …. there is no later. I need to bang’em out and that’s the end of that one. This means that I am not doing other things as well. I am not reading anything that might be trending, nor am I making any effort to learn to write better. i just have to live with that and hope.

Apart from that, 5K words today. Averaging 3K per day. The market place for publishing is confused and yet it seems to me that the various issues are clear. As far as my own guesses are concerned I am headed in the write direction.

“There is nothing one can say of art …..

………………………………………… that is better than not saying anything at all”

– Wittgenstein.

So far as art is concerned, this phrase defines the art that words may be so far as I am concerned, so I will post it frequently.

The phrase can transpose Art with Love.

For people who have no concept of semantic logic and the limits of language there is only endless noise, endless definition, rearrangement …. endless distance from either art or love.

Now that I have invented this one, I will repeat it often too:

If the message is to be silence, what words could be used?


The weather and the report ….

…. the report and the weather.

It is a load of fun writing within and of the quantum ambiance or, in this case, approach to the universe. It is even more fun to step back from writing and immerse the stasis dynamic more completely. Away from even the contamination of the conventions of word.

Today I’m thinking of taking such a break. Slow and slow. Faster than light.